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Film motion-picture equipment can be repaired and kept in shape at reasonable costs. Spring-drive cameras don’t let you down when you’re out in the wilderness. Even if a spring stops serving you, a crank taken along can save the shot. No electricity is needed.

I service purely mechanical cameras, optics, printers, projectors, and accessories. 

To revive your gear

Every object on my bench gets thoroughly inspected. I can give an item a general overhaul or only check out its functions.

I am equipped with all the necessary tools. The basic procedures, however, are quite simple.

The photograph shows parts of an EMEL camera’s take-up spindle sitting in a solvent. From experience I prefer to clean mechanical elements by hand to an ultrasonic bath. Scrupulous inspection during the brushing-off reveals every defect.

Familiar with spiral springs

Backed with the know-how and the tools I can handle these mechanical energy accumulators. Shown here is the spring of a Paillard-Bolex H camera in relatively good shape. A new spring lies more widely spaced around the core.

In case you feel something should be done in favour of the mechanism or the optics I can take care of your gear. It can also be an accessory such as a splicer or a titler.

Happy customers in the US, in England, Germany, Austria, Switzerland

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